There are more than 150 million Instagram users. That number that may look intimidating to someone who wants to break into influencer marketing —

But here’s why it’s not:

There’s only one you.

With tens of thousands of social influencers out there on every platform, you may find yourself considering the rest of the digital world as competition when in truth, there’s plenty of room for anyone to make an impact.

That in mind, let us reassure you that you don’t have to compete with others to become a successful Instagram influencer.

To become a social influencer, you have to master a specific topic within your niche.

Trust us. Once you have your unique brand down to the tee, there’s no competition! No one else can pull off your style, your voice, your thing: be it your unique care method for curly all-natural hair or a geek chic sensibility which no one else can pull off.

There may be thousands of fashion Instagram accounts out there, but your audience follows you for your brand. Find your thing and your audience will find you.

Look to your ‘competitors’ as good examples of social influence

Follow other accounts for ideas and inspiration. Just be sure to put your spin on it. When you keep your brand consistent, you make your followers happy!

If you stumble upon a social influencer with similar goals as you, if okay to try out their strategy! Be ambitious. Follow much larger accounts than your own and test out the tactic which resonate with you, personally.

Make use of your blog to improve your Instagram influence

You may think Instagram and blogging don’t go hand-in-hand, but they do! Don’t be afraid to try your hand at a variety of media.

When you let your voice be heard across more than one social media outlet, you’ll reach a much larger audience, some of whom will help to grow your following each and every day.

Here’s a fun fact:

Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without. Brand your own, mix in a few popular hashtags, and watch your brand grow.

As the impact and prominence of social influencers on Instagram continues to increase by the minute, remember:

Your followers are there for you. Not your competition.

If you know your brand and you’ve mastered the art of influencer marketing, making a dent in the digital world isn’t as hard as you think.

Samantha Lebbos is the founder of the entertainment news website Celebrity Slice, a writer, and media personality. She enjoys short walks to her fridge, petting dogs, and connecting with people through her written work.