Adeline Waugh is a Miami-based food stylist (that’s right, food stylist) whose job is to make images of everyday culinary staples look jump-off-the-page, mouth-watering, stomach-growling, gorgeous. 

It’s no wonder she’s the visionary behind the latest food trend to rock Instagram this week. Initially referred to as 'watercolor toast' for its artful qualities, she recently re-dubbed her creation, Mermaid Toast— and it has us totally enchanted. 

Here’s the secret, gleaned from her captions. Slathered across every piece of toast is a mixture of nutrient-packed blue green algae powder combined with homemade almond milk cream cheese.

She’ll also use pirulina powder, chlorophyll drops, beet juice and turmeric as dyes to add dimension to her gorgeous spreads, all the while keeping her art paleo-friendly and vegan.

You’re welcome to try, but no one can quite replicate the beauty of the originals which have been making waves all week. Even Teen Vogue and Mashable have jumped in on the fun. 

Every once upon a time, a food blogger will share an incredible recipe that sparks all of our imaginations but this one feels personal. The logo for Muses, after all, is a mermaid.

New year, new me (just kidding, still posting too much toast 🍞)

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We know a trend-setter when we see one. This #MusesCrushMonday, we’re guessing #ToastTuesday is up next. 

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