Meet this week's #MusesCrushMonday. 

In the fitness world, it’s #MotivationMonday. In our current #MusesCrush Kate Lamere’s world, it’s motivation all the time. Kate is a powerhouse: a Nike trainer and founding member of Barry’s Bootcamp, proud holder of NCSF, ACE and TRX fitness certifications, and CEO and Founder of The Four Percent, one of our favorite fitness blogs to emerge from Chicago’s budding Health and Wellness scene.

There’s something to be said of a website that is thorough and incredibly well-laid-out. Kate Lamere excels at both on The Four Percent, a delightfully simple resource hub dedicated to keeping your life goals in sight and your fitness goals on track every day.

“Investing in your health doesn’t need to be complicated or all consuming. It can be as little as dedicating one hour, or FOUR PERCENT, of your day,” reads Kate’s About Me. She had us at "one hour".

The Four Percent covers all the bases and then some: wellness tips on everything from how to break bad habits and set goals, to taking care of your skin and getting adequate sleep; strength, bodyweight, and cardio workouts; Spotify playlists to accompany each; recipes and nutritional advice. Kate’s done all of the heavy-lifting. All her readers need to do is tune in for fresh tips everyday. 


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